Ceramics Round-up

This past Thursday I asked you guys which ceramic pieces you like best on my Insta story segment, This or That. I decided to create an exhaustive list of my favorite ceramic products along with where to buy the products you liked best. That turned out to be a really tough job because ceramics are life, and I love pretty much all of it. There are some interior products that are hard to find good options for like sheets, curtains, and sconces. There are other items that you can find an abundance of cool and affordable examples of like coffee tables, pillows, and ... ceramic products.

It will take you 15 seconds to realize I have a very specific taste, but I did try to list products that were interesting/unique, timeless, made with high quality materials, and at a variety of price points. You can see I've broken these products down by category. My one piece of advice when looking to purchase a ceramic product is stop and look at artisan products by individuals FIRST. You will never be able to buy a piece of furniture from a craftsman for less than Target, but there isn't that big of gap in price points for ceramics. Artist made ceramic products tend to be way more original and creative, and you will be supporting a person - not a corporation. Just my personal preference!