The Drifter Hotel

I went to New Orleans last spring with my best friend from college and thought I'd seen everything worth seeing. This Christmas I discovered I was wrong. My family went for a full week and got to see many previously unseen sides to the city. Admittedly, I would not recommend this length of time with your family members during the holidays, but the city was still a delight. There are many classic spots that I will showcase here later, but if you are looking for something a little more recent and off the beaten path, as I was, then The Drifter Hotel is a must see. 

Located Northwest of the French Quarter, The Drifter Hotel is more of a motel - only two stories of rooms and a large common area with both a cocktail bar and coffee bar. My sister and I visited the common area middle of the week, we were pleased to find it mostly empty, although more people did show up as it got to be later in the evening. I wasn't surprised to find The Drifter is a part of Design Hotels, which groups boutique hotels with a design-centric aesthetic. It was designed by Nicole Cota and features unique local installations from Carlton Scott Sturgill and custom furniture from Mexa Design.


The bar room we spent time in was full of unique vignettes with vintage and custom furniture (that also happened to be hard to replicate). The highlight was the palm mural with fringe sconces - selfie paradise. I went for a similar wallpaper in the same color palette. Lots of rattan, wicker, and blonde wood gave the space a very west coast beach vibe. The glam pool in the back with the disco ball hints that something much more funky is going on. I will also say the staff was incredibly accommodating as we took a ton of photos. All in all, the Drifter makes us say beignyay.