There is one place everyone thinks of when it comes to brunch in Greenpoint: Five Leaves. EVERYONE, HOWEVER, IS WRONG because the best spot is actually across the street at Sauvage. I think the reason Sauvage is underestimated is because it was previously had a different chef and menu. Guess what folks?!? There's a new crew in town, and Sauvage has all the New Orleans-style frenchie flavor and flare that will make your Instagram feed purr like a kitten with likes. No idea if that's a relatable analogy, but I'm rolling with it. The truth is Sauvage was recently featured on a few food blogs so it is starting to fill up during the brunch rush hour (11am-1pm). If you get there before 11am though, you should be able to walk-in no problem. Like always, my favorite spot is at the bar so I can really be in the action, but it just so happens that the bar at Sauvage is backed with stunning teal oxidized copper wall panels that makes the experience all that much better. 

You will probably notice that while the style has a contemporary layer, the primary furniture and finishes are very traditional looking. The Art Nouveau light fixtures and mirrors sit next to simple brass sconces and tan leather banquettes. They really leaned into the New Orleans-style french aesthetic with the penny tile and brass accents like the nailhead studded bar stools. My favorite feature is the porcelain - how cute is that latte? It is so much different than the same stoneware cup and saucer you see everywhere. A lot of the wow factor is in the architecture, but with some traditional bent wood seating and a big arch mirror, the look comes together.