Rugs Round-up

Last This or That Thursday was on rugs and most rugs, aside from the very graphic ones, were very close in votes. I went ahead and gathered all my favorites that I keep on Pinterest. The one thing that people note is how expensive rugs are, and because they get more expensive the larger they get, most people opt for an option that is too small for their space to save the cost. The thing I say to everyone is there are two big ticket items that you are going to spend the most on - sofas and area rugs. There simply aren't a lot of nicely designed area rug options that are under $500.

When determining which size you should go with, consider that the ideal rug fits all of your furniture for that space on it. That means all 4 legs of your sofa should be on the rug making the minimum ideal rug size about 8' x 10' for a smallish living room, but more likely 9' x 12' or larger. All of the options below are 8' x 10' (some were sold out of that size so it shows the next closest size). You can see how much the price range varies. One last note on sizing, if you go with a slightly smaller rug, just make sure you are symmetrical with the way you place the future on either side of the arrangement. If the back legs of the sofa are off the rug, try to have to the back legs of the chairs across from the sofa also off the rug. Emily Henderson has a great article on selecting rugs here


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