Egg Shop

You might think I'm a little biased towards brunch/breakfast places to feature on my blog, but that's only because I am. I love waking up on a Saturday with nowhere to be, taking my time to get ready, searching for a new local restaurant I haven't been to before, and heading over for some coffee and eggs. Sometimes I do it alone or sometimes I bring my boyfriend and talented restaurant model. Egg Shop is one of those perfect breakfast places. It isn't overly designed but does what it does really well. There is an Egg Shop in SoHo, but just like everything in SoHo, there is always a line on Saturdays. They recently opened a location in Williamsburg, and if you can wake up before Noon, you can typically get seated right away. 

Sam and I visited a couple weeks ago and went back the following week because we just loved it so much. We opted to sit at the bar the first time, and it was so sunny and bright, I just felt refreshed and awake. We love how colorful the food and drinks are - great turmeric lattes and morning cocktails. They even include a carafe of water with lemon and mint. There are some indulgent food options like shredded pork number I got or the egg biscuit, but there are also healthier options like the lentil masala bowl I had the following time. Lots of people were eating the egg white burrito, and it looked amazing - just saying. 


Simple white tile everywhere, black marble bar, and fantastic graphic branding. Egg Shop worked with a branding company I've been admiring for their work on Tonchin, called LMNOP Creative. They created the custom wallpaper print you see, as well as the highly graphic menu, cookbook, and hot sauce design. Even the cocktail napkins have little eggs on them. 

I see these penny tiles everywhere now and think they would be such a cute kitchen backspace. All Modern has a bunch of different ones with multiple colors and patterns in them. You can't get the identical wallpaper print, but Chasing Paper has so many fun, graphic options that are in the same vein. Simple bar stool for under $100 from Amazon and Ikea shelving for even cheaper. I'm sure you've seen so many examples of this, but open shelving in kitchens, at least for part of the storage options, is all the rage. Love the aesthetic if you can keep your glassware organized.