The first thing that struck me when I entered Jajaja was the worn tile on the floor. It has a vintage feel works well with the modern interior, and I learned upon inquiry that it was original to the location and kept during renovation. This made perfect sense since the location of the restaurant is just on the edge of Chinatown in LES where you can find cool kids like Dimes nearby. Despite holding on to a few historic elements, you won't find anything like Jajaja in this area (or Manhattan for that matter). That's because the restaurant concept is one of a kind; vegan Mexican. Yep, that's right. Jajaja serves traditional Mexican cuisine like fish tacos and cheese nachos with 100% plant-based food. 

I've said it before, and I will say it again - this isn't a food blog, however, the menu of Jajaja is pretty impressive, especially for a meat eater like myself. I'm starting to believe vegans have the best design sense - I can't seem to get away from these meat-free establishments. The style of the food all the way to the bathrooms is drool-worthy. 

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The warmth of the space is very apparent. The wood tone in combination with the corner of windows makes for a space that feels like a summer morning in Mexico. They have done a great job of bringing in traditional elements like multi-color tile, beaded curtains, and patterned serape blankets and adding almost Scandinavian blonde wood for an updated feel. With the wicker-everything trend in full swing, the pendant light fixtures are a highlight. I also love when I see residential home goods, like these turquoise CB2 chairs, making their way into hospitality spaces. These chairs were wrapped with colored twine for a slightly more customized look. Throw in a hanging plant or two, and you've got a Jajaja look at home.