Every time I eat at Dimes I wish I'd spent a little more time getting ready that morning. This place is just... cool. Everything about it is hip from the mismatched furniture to the diners - likely models who casually sauntered over to Chinatown from SoHo.  Now that the 70's vibe is in full swing, it's easy to look at Dimes and think they're just jumping on the trend bandwagon. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Unlike your coworker, Dimes actually did invent the 70's look. Long before Bower Studios did a line for CB2 (not hatin' just sayin',) this restaurant was rocking warm wood tones and primary colors in its own ugly cute way. This isn't a food blog, but I have had a couple of my most favorite meals here. Health conscience but not in a forward or annoying way. I like a meal like I like my interiors - colorful. That's exactly what you will get at Dimes with plenty of opportunities to leave your insta followers drooling.

So what had them predating the design trends by 5 years? I believe it's because Dimes is the product of two women who have harnessed the power of creative collaboration. The stylish combo of Sabrina De Sousa and chef Alissa Wagner are members of The Wing - a girls only coworking community. They have created the Dimes market featuring food goods and artisan products from local makers they also call friends. There isn't a flower arrangement or piece of art lacking thoughtful design and produced by someone in their creative circle.

The one-of-a-kind design makes it nearly impossible to replicate, but with the increase of 70's-inspired pieces on the market right now, I've done my best to mimic the flavor. The low back chairs are a classic Alvar Aalto creation - hard to find these days for cheap but etsy and ebay typically have a few. The unique flower arrangements come from Metaflora with designs unlike anything I've ever seen. There aren't prices on the website, which lead me to believe it ain't cheap but could be worth the splurge when hosting, leading your friends to believe you keep your home this chic all the time. The decorative plate is a bit crazy at $151 - you could probably paint something similar for $20 on your own, but I will leave that to the DIYers. The finishing touches to this look are flare pants and a RBF that would make Kristen Stewart proud. 

Lauren Popish