NOMO Kitchen

It can be hard to find reprieve and relaxation in the bustling city, but there is a sense of calm that comes over you when you enter NoMo Kitchen. Bright, airy, and filled with plant life, NoMo Kitchen gives you everything you're missing in the concrete jungle. Located within the NoMo SoHo Hotel, there is both an exterior and interior space for dining. It is a great way to feel like you're having a staycation weekend without spending a bunch on a room. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but Dulce and I just went for a quick coffee and avo toast. Hard to mess up that combo, so I will leave the food reviews to others, but the experience of dining in such a bright and immersive space is worth grabbing a least a cocktail here. 

IMG_1306 2.JPG

When it comes to the design, I will say I don't really think it's much to right home about. That's the point though - the space is so incredible the furnishings and decor can fade into the background. There are a couple features that can't be ignored - first, the amount of greenery in the space. It makes you feel like your having breakfast in a greenhouse. I truly believe you can overcome just about any space misfortune with enough plant life, and here's the great thing - they don't have to be alive. The visual effect of plants is just as powerful when they are fake as when they are alive. If you're anything life me, you want to avoid being a serial plant murder and go synthetic. The other notable design feature is a the Bleeding Hearts graffiti wall by James Goldcrown. It's such a fun and colorful print that is perfect for your instagram. I have a pair of socks below with the print, but if you are looking to get the same effect in your home, consider a funky wallcovering or maybe even hire a muralist if you're feeling bold. All other aspects of the space are subtle and easy to replicate, if only we could find an apartment with 20' ceilings...

Lauren Popish