De Maria

De Maria is one of those places that makes this blog so necessary for me, because I literally want to live in here. While I didn't sit and grab a bite like I normally do, Dulce and I were able to snap a few photos during a day out in the neighborhood. I will get to my obsession with the interior shortly, but after doing some research, I fell in love with the team behind the restaurant. It's a female power duo - culinary director and executive chef Camille Becerra and creative director Grace Lee. Camille is famed for other delicious and instagrammable menus like the one at Cafe Henri. Her instagram has become one of my favorites as your follow the daily schedule of a fashion, brand, and culinary influencer.

The neutral, warm monochromatic palette is like stepping into a Scandinavian jewel box. Light wood? Check. Concrete counter top? Check. White washed walls? Check. Literally every aspect of this restaurant from the art to the menu was selected thoughtfully. The only downside is that the design is so good, it is extremely difficult to replicate on the cheap! I did my best though. The dutch wood furniture is easy with many other options only to swap with. The orb fixture is notable and lots of price options online. The unique green and brass cafe tables, however, I'm still hunting for the perfect match. I intend to head back to De Maria soon so I can drool over the food instead of just the perfect tan leather banquette. 

Lauren Popish