The Lucky Bee

I thought I'd died and gone to pink heaven the first time I dined at the Lucky Bee. Seriously, there isn't one aspect of this place that isn't over the top. From the art to the plants to the unusual menu, Lucky Bee is a great place to go when you need a little fun in your life. I found this place on Eater's top new restaurants about a year ago and can still remember the lettuce wraps and and palm tree cocktail. I also remember sweating through my cotton dress, but that's August in New York. Dulce and I decided to head back - this time for brunch. While I found the meal to be a little too adventurous for first thing in the morning (I can only handle so much pickled egg before noon,) we ooh'd and ahh'd over the Vietnamese coffee and unique decor.


The most important parts of the design have nothing to do with the major pieces like the chairs, tables, or bar. The most memorable aspects are the accessories and of course, the pink. If you want a look like the Lucky Bee's, start with a few plants, move on to some colorful graphic art, and end with a fun floral textile on your sofa pillows. A neon sign can't hurt either. While the multiple shades of pink make the palette fairly monochromatic, the pops of contrasting green and black make the space feel well balanced. To get the full effect, you must drink all of your liquids with a paper umbrella in the glass. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. 

Lauren Popish