Sunday In Brooklyn

If you go to this restaurant on a Sunday, the way I did, good luck trying to explain to your friends what you did this weekend without sounding like a complete idiot. Sunday In Brooklyn is South Williamsburg's 6-month old all-day dining spot with a modern cabin feel and low-waste agenda (maximum hyphens achieved). Everybody knows I dine more for the atmosphere and less for the food, but it's worth noting SiB is owned by Atera (a two star Michelin restaurant in Tribeca) and Major Food Group veterans Adam Landsman, Todd Enany, and chef Jaime Young. The dinner price tag reflects the prestige, but my brunch club regular, Dulce, and I enjoyed selections from their breakfast menu and found it reasonable.

The restaurant is broken into 4 unique areas. There is a grab-and-go style pastry and coffee bar that will soon feature additional market items like cured meats and pickled vegetables. This area has tables and seating, but it feels much more informal. Then there is the first floor dining with bar seating and banquettes. Without a reservation we sat here, but there was still nice service and views through the big windows. The main dining is on the second floor where the wood finishes become less Vail and more Montauk in all white. Lastly, there is an outdoor seating area on their roof deck, which remains relatively empty until the afternoon.


The charm of this wooden wonderland is in the unique open shelving, exposed beam ceilings, and patterned wood floors. That being said, they've combined a kind of rustic artisan look with modern dutch furniture and geometry. You might not be able to redo your floors, walls, and ceiling, but you can replicate the unique combination of styles. The wall art is one of a kind, but there are many similar woven pieces of Etsy. You can also get the feeling of a live edge wooden piece with a coffee table instead of a bar. Trendy Brooklyn arm tattoos not included.