Resource Furniture: Form and Function

The trick to recognizing furniture in restaurants is exposing yourself to as many design brands and products as possible. Ten minutes on Pinterest, and that task becomes incredibly daunting, which is why is it so helpful when you can actually visit a showroom and take the time to see the latest from an entire company. That's what I did a few weeks ago at Resource Furniture. They were kind enough to tour me around their midtown showroom and let me capture their incredible collection. 

Even the most amateur home decor enthusiast has seen a piece from Resource Furniture - you just may not have known it. That's because their products continue to be featured in viral design videos and posts like this one. The fascination has to do with their transforming furniture pieces such a murphy beds, expanding dining tables, and collapsable desks and shelving. The efficiency of the pieces make them desirable and sometimes even necessary for the small living spaces found in cities. After the awe of a moving wall bed wears off, you are struck by the beauty and aesthetic of the Italian made furniture that makes Resource Furniture more than a sensation but a true design-forward staple in the high-end furniture community. 


Sometimes when visiting a restaurant, I realize an architectural feature of the space such as brick walls or high ceilings makes the restaurant design difficult or impossible to replicate at home. That's why I LOVED this concrete wall covering at Resource Furniture. The entire first half of my visit I just thought they had fantastic industrial walls (in midtown Manhattan??). Jake, my guide (and Vanna White as you will see,) informed me the concrete walls and columns were, in fact, an applied graphic wall covering. What makes these so realistic looking is they are printed custom to each surface with no repeat. You simply give them the dimensions of the wall, select your style, and they print a custom covering just for your space. I'm telling you, I had to touch it to believe it. Pricing becomes palatable when you think about using this as a statement on a single wall or in a powder room.

And then there's the fun stuff. I watched as a single wall was transformed from decorative shelving, to a small dining/desk wall, to a murphy bed that folded down WITH BUILT-IN SIDE TABLES. Guys, my apartment is 300 square feet. Do you know the kind of entertaining I've been missing out on by NOT having my desk, dining, and bed transform from the same wall? Next is the two foot console table that can expand to seat twelve. These pieces are elegant, light weight, and completely seamless. 

The last thing to mention is that the vision for function carries to their non-transforming furniture as well. The segmented sofa below can be easily reconfigured to create different seating arrangements. The chairs are beautiful enough to serve as living room and dining room seating. Every item is built with the goal of elegant form and efficient function. For more, check out their website or one of their many showrooms across North America and beyond. As for me, I will just be lying on my bed with my head in the kitchen and feet in the living room.