Nickel and Diner

The neighborhood where Nickel and Diner is located is somewhere between Chinatown, Tribeca, and Soho, and from the outside, you would have no idea of the chic little diner within. Previously a $5 Chinese Buffet, the exterior has tall red pillars, applied green lattice-like facade, and a red tile roof. I spent about 10 full minutes trying to first locate the restaurant, and then find the entrance (to the entertainment of everyone inside, I'm sure). Once you step in, the decor does a 180 and becomes a 1950's diner with a 1920's regency flair. Black and white graphic tile floor, brass and glass lighting, and marble table tops. I found that having a coffee shop in the front of the restaurant made for a nice seating area while waiting for a table. Some guests would just stop in for coffee and then leave. You can see in the picture the diamond to-go coffee cups.... instagram worthy. 

It was just a friend and I, but they sat us at one of the large wonderful booths. You can see there is a pretty muted color scheme with mostly black, white, wood tones, and the grey-blue color of the leather. For me, the the element that made the space feel glamorous was the lighting - there are only two options below, but there are plenty of options in this style. Apparently this particular shade of blue is very "in" right now as well. There you go, you heard it here first. Get the Nickel and Diner look with affordable furniture and decor options below!