By Chloe Soho

If you live in New York and haven't visited one of the four By Chloe locations, stop and ask yourself what are my priorities? This is the favorite spot for veggie freaks and burger fanatics alike. The food is 100% vegan, which isn't a characteristic I personally seek out in a restaurant. It would, however, fool even the most die hard meat lovers. It continues to shock me how good it is. And incredibly indulgent. Burgers, meatball subs, sweet potato fries, and artichoke dip. Not a menu you would expect from a plant-based food joint. What makes By Chloe more of a movement than a restaurant is the fact that the brand is completely unique and infused with the quirky personality of Samantha Wasser, the creative director and president. That style extends in a very obvious way to the space itself.


The style is a bit hard to tie down. Clearly fresh and modern, but with a twist of artsy flair. Like J Crew meets Venice beach. The graphic wallpaper and tile is an easy favorite for me. I also love a restaurant that uses plants as a major decorative element - very on brand in this case. I love seeing a chair like the Hot Mess Chair from Blu Dot used in a commercial setting like this, because it's affordable and great design. It makes the eclectic statement pieces like the paper shades worth the splurge. Get the full look below!