Fairfax is a brand of restaurant that is becoming increasingly popular, but I haven't been in one quite like this. It is an all day cafe opening at 8:30 and closing before midnight. Instead of typical 4-tops and banquettes, the restaurants is made up of a series of unique vignettes with lounge-style furniture and accessories. It is the creation of Bar Sardine restauranteur, Gabriel Stulman. He actually owned the previous restaurant, Perla, but converted it to a much more casual dining experience.

Each area seats between 4 and 8 with a bar area and communal style tables. You can find people eating full meals, while others work on their laptops and sip coffee. It is full service, unlike a typical coffee shop, but there is no sense that people need to leave after they are done eating, and definitely no reservations. 


The design is very playful with elements that you would find in a Brooklyn apartment. Lots of art, plants, and accessories. It makes sense that I spotted a few CB2 pieces with the residential vibe.  I love the window sill full of little pots with cacti and other plants. I'm also a sucker for all the wrapped and cane furniture, so I prioritized those below. The artwork is very thrift looking - a sheeps head one wall with boxing gloves on the other. Check out your local secondhand store for the most authentic pieces.