Out East

I got the chance to see Out East during a fundraiser for Puerto Rico about a month ago and was pleasantly surprised by this brand new East Village spot. The first thing strikes you is how big the restaurant is. It is two stories with a bar on each level and 4 completely unique dinner areas - something you don't often find in NYC. On the second floor, you can see there is a balcony that looks over to an open area below. This event had Puerto Rican music and salsa dancing, which made for endless entertainment. I will say I went back for dinner last week and was underwhelmed by the food (especially for the price,) so if you go, stick to cocktails only and head to one of the many restaurants nearby for dinner. I also think the appeal of the design is more apparent during the day with the massive two-story windows and skylight. It makes the cozy bar area stand out in contrast. You can also see some of the interesting details like the backlit wooden wall coffers and concrete tile flooring on the lower level. 


The pink ribbed banquette draws a lot of attention and is undeniably fun. This style is cropping up more and more, although like all things upholstered, the price range is a bit higher. Lots of typical frosted globe lights that you find everywhere, but I was drawn to the hanging lights with the brass halo. It made me think of the fixtures below from Ladies and Gentleman Studio, but the price is probably prohibitively expensive for most people. You can likely get the same effect with a clear globe pendant with much more affordable options available. I dropped in a tile and wallpaper option as well. The wallpaper is vintage, and I'm not sure if you can actually purchase it. You should be able to find versions of the blue tile from many places. Throw in a palm and call it a day.