Motel Morris

I have walked by Motel Morris a dozen times on my way to work, but finally stopped in a few weeks ago after being recommended by a friend. I'm sure glad I did. Let's start with the branding - it's like a 1950's west coast motel with cobalt blue and white star motifs. You can spot the restaurant from down the block with the custom acrylic patio tables shining in the sun. I don't intentionally seek out American restaurants, but there is something so appealing about the nostalgic diner-style elements of decades past combine with modern finishes and furniture. From the lighting to the menu graphic design, this team (chef from NYC favorite, Mermaid Inn) has nailed the look and feel of a restaurant from the past dropped in modern day. 

Motel Morris opens at 11am, which makes it a perfect brunch destination. They also have dinner, but I need the daylight to photograph, so I will leave someone else to speak to the quality of that. I had an egg dish with black beans on a crispy tortilla - the perfect food combo for me personally. I was super happy to see the restaurant bustling despite opening fairly recently. 


Motel Morris has a lot of the typical things you expect to see in any restaurant with vintage flair like brass light fixtures and wooden dining chairs, but it has this really nice element of refinement with the velvet banquettes. There is definitely a nautical element with the bent paneled wood banquettes - hard to replicate but you can get the same vibe with a velvet pouf on a wooden floor or bench like the one below from CB2. I really love the drum light fixtures with the long cords - it add a lot of interest to a pretty classic fixture. Plants are also a sure way to warm up lighten up a space with a dark palette and lots of wood.